From ange, Age 16 - 04/15/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hello. My name is Ange and I am a 16 year old who weighs 258 pounds. I am so miserable. People act like my friends but most of them stab me in the back. I have tried SO HARD to lose weight and nothign will work. If you have ANY ideas please contact me at Not only do I need advice I need someone who can become a friend. So PLEASE contact me!
Reply from beth, Age 17 - 07/29/01 
email me some time. i know how u feel.
Reply from Joseph, Age 16 - 06/06/01 
same experiences here. im also 16 and overweight. e-mail me at i'll be e-mailing you,
Reply from Mich, Age 13 - 05/05/01 
Hey I know how you feel w/ the whole friends thing. I basically have like two friends, but they are the best friends you could ever have. Email me @ adn we could help eachother.
Reply from miserable, Age 14 - 04/16/01 
hey i had some "friends" that did that. they were nice to me at school then i asked them over for my b-day. what a b-day i had! no one could come. they all had bball games, or cheerleading, or their dad was out of town and there mom needed them. it really sux to get stabbed in the back by "friends" hey i wont stab you in the back. email me
Reply from vlado, Age 16 - 04/16/01