From Tommy, Age 11 - 04/14/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ages ago, in the new chatroom, I met a boy. Can you please reply to this message if this description fits you: He was either 11 or 12, he said he would watch WWF if he could. I was teaching him how to do some wrestling moves. Could you please reply, because you said you would be there later on, but you weren't
Reply from Tommy, Age 11 - 04/26/01 
Sorry Jimmy, I've been away. Can I see you, seven o'clock pm, English time, on Friday the 27th please. Thanx
Reply from jimmy, Age 11 - 04/14/01 
hi tommy,,, i lookd for yu in chatroom lots of times and didnt find yuo.. can you meet me in chattroom tomorow 7 oclock enlgand time. i try yuor wrestling moves.Hope so,, your friend jimmy /// ps my dad help me