From nicole, Age 12 - 04/12/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
ok iam 12years old i weight 50kg i wanna lose a bit of weight on my tummy,but,thighs anyone got any good ideas
Reply from Amanda, Age 12 - 04/09/03  - IP#:
I'm 12 2 and I hate my thighs and tummy. E-mail me back and we can talk!
Reply from Claire, Age 12 - 03/22/03  - IP#:
Hey! I'm 12 years old from Scotland and I hate the way I am!!! I am too fat and I am starting to starve myself! I started doing it about 4 days ago and I haven't eaten since, though every time I even look at a peice of food, I am sick!!! I think I am going bulimic and I think it's the best thing for me!!! I have a boyfriend who is very sweet and he thinks I'm perfect! I weigh just under 10st and it's killing me! Sometimes I even think of killing myself!!! Can I please get help or even if someone feels the same way as me sometimes, please e-mail me back A.S.A.P love ya loads Claire xXx