From Lilac, Age 14 - 04/08/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, I'm Lilac. I'm 14 years old. I weigh about 102 pounds. And I'm 5 ft. 4 inches. Do you think I'm overweight? Everyone says I'm really thin, but my thighs and stomach seem HUGE. And it's like I just keep gaining weight...I know you gotta gain weight to get older. I'm in shape and everything...please help!
Reply from krystal, Age 11 - 09/03/01  - IP#:
You dont need to lose wieght! your skinny! Heck i am 11 and weigh 150 pounds! So Please don't try to lose wieght. you're the average weight for a 14 year old!
Reply from Jessica, Age 13 - 04/17/01 
You are not overweight at all! you are perfect! Gain some weight even! :)
Reply from Kate, Age 14 - 04/10/01 
Hey Lilac, I'm 5'4 and 100 lbs also. I know we are not fat, but I also feel huge in the stomach and thighs too and its hard for me to eat because I'm terrified of gaining a pound. But remember you're not overweight! That's what I'm trying to do. If you ever want to talk Email me at
Reply from Adam, Age 11 - 04/08/01 
You are not overweight; you are anorexic. For your height you are underweight. You might want to talk to your mommy or daddy or someone you trust to get help. A five foot, four inch girl who weighs that little should eat more food before she withers away!
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 04/08/01 
you are NOT overweight. please don't think you are. you sound great to mee for your age.
Reply from Ashley, Age 12 - 04/08/01 
Your not fat you sound perfect for your age. Just watch what you eat so you don't gain weight, but I doubt that is something you will have to deal with.