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Angela,Tried to e-mail you but your address got rejected. Are you sure is correct?
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No good still. It got returned again. Anyway, here is what I wrote:
This is what worked for my daughter.
1. We decided on a set amount of calories to stick to per day. I would strongly suggest you get medical advice for this but it could be anything between 1200 to 1400.
2. Write down everything you eat so keep a count as you go along. That way you can keep track of what you are eating. You have to find out how many calories the foods contain. There are loads of lists on the Internet that will give you this information. This is very boring but essential. Or you can just calculate it on a calculator as you go along.
3. Go shopping with whoever does the food shop in your house and try and pick out lower calorie foods. You can buy low calorie pasta, sauces, pizzas, loads of different Weight Watcher's meals that add up the calories for you and a great choice of these. We also ate a lot of low calorie soups. You can get low calorie crisps (potato chips), sweet stuff like eclairs and we even found a jelly (jello) at 9 calories a portion. If you pick your food carefully you won't have to adjust your eating pattern too much. But the Weight Watchers food is expensive so if you can't do that then try and eat smaller portions.
4. Cut out all junk food i.e. McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc. These are very high in calories and fat.
5. Try and eat more fruit and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
6. Try and exercise a bit more, whatever you can manage.
7. Be very patient. On this diet you won't lose loads of weight at once but steadily and the weight is more likely to stay off. My daughter lost about 2 pounds a week at first and then it slowed down to a pound a week.
8. If you have a bad day - and we all have them - don't give up. Just start the next day afresh.
9. Allow yourself the odd treat but don't forget to include it in your list.
10. Remember that certain foods are what Weight Watchers calls 'free foods' which means they don't contain any fat i.e. broccoli, carrots. We found some low calorie dip for the carrots.
11. Confide in your parents so they can be supportive of your efforts and help you.
Anyway, good luck.
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