From Kassandra B., Age 12 - 04/05/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey you guys, im kassie and i am soooo fat. I am expelled from school for being a bully and now all I do is sit in-front of the t.v eating rubbish and watching rubbish. I had one friend called Belle but she was tooo skinny and i got too jealous and started to pick on her. I need help. I weigh so much I have to have a potty next to my bed coz I can't walk to the toilet. I have a tv in my room. Help!
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 04/07/01 
First, why were you being a bully? Did you think kids were laughing at you behind your back? Well they probably weren't, and if they were they weren't laughing. They either felt sorry for you or were afraid that you would beat them up, which you did. Next, STOP watching T.V., if you have to, run in place, lift weights, leg raises, anything to keep you from eating and to keep moving to burn fat and calories.Also instead of chips and junk food try an apple, it's okay to eat 2 or 3, just stop when you're full. It's going to take work, but I know if you really want to, you can do it. And think of how proud everyone will be of you! If you need more help, or just keep me updated on your progress, e-mail me at Don't be afraid to ask for help. Friends are the best investment you can make.
Reply from holly, Age 12 - 04/07/01 
iam sorry for saying ihate you.i say get off your ass and work to the tolet! do some working,
go to discos and PARTY ALL NIGHT!!
have fun goning out with your freands
Reply from holly, Age 12 - 04/07/01 
I hate you
Reply from myke, Age 13 - 04/05/01 
If u r eating junk food, stop eating it. try eating healthy things like carrots and celorey instead. u can eat as much of this good food as u want without getting fat. if u can, try to get some exercise.