From Ashley, Age 12 - 04/04/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have been cuting down on what I eat and over last 2 months I have lost 20. I'd just like to say to Stacy who responded to my letter before thanks for nothing. I lost weight and I don't need to sit around and list to people put me down.
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 04/07/01 
wot did stacey do? i heard she put alot of ppl down how horrid and if shes reading this i want her to know that shes an evil caniving not very helpful or nice slug and i wouldent be suprized if she had no friends
Reply from Annie, Age 12 - 04/05/01 
I lost 20 pounds, too, but it took me 3 months and now I feel great about myself. I am now nearly at my target weight but I am a bit afraid of creeping back up again, despite learning better eating habits. By the way, the best way to deal with nasty people is to ignore them. They aren't worth the effort.