From fattypatty, Age 14 - 03/08/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hello. Has anyone ever been anorexic then like overweight? That's me! I was like 100 pounds last school year. Now, I'm 200. I am such a pig! Don't you think?? I mean, what kind of girl gains 100 pounds over the summer and can't lose weight? ME! Someone please help, and email for a cartoon i found! - yes, that's my email!
Reply from lisa, Age 16 - 06/23/01 
yeah i hav exactly the same problem, last year i lost loads of weight so much my hair even fell out. i am english so we do weight in stones less the a year ago i weighed 5/2 stone i now weigh over 9. its a sycological problem. i know that but i am just gaining weight cos all i do is eat and i dont no how 2 stop. if u find a way mail me at wow sum1 who understands!!!
Reply from cait, Age 15 - 04/18/01 
hey yea the same thing happened to me a few years ago.. i was 13 and i was 5ft 2 and weighed 110, but then over a few months i weighed althe way down to 85, but now i'm like 125, and trying really hard to kept it at that weight.. i jusst think it has to deal with growing
Reply from Renata, Age 13 - 03/09/01 
hi, well i can see your problem because when i was younger i was then too. but a 100 pounds is not anorexic, i would do anything to be that well i don't think insulting your self like that will help you lose weight any faster! and as for your e-mail you should change it because your insulting your self. my e-mail is and no i don't think i'm a whale i just love that animal.