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*sigh* hallo I see some of you bein like 100 pounds n sad that your overweight...gimme a break T___T I think the reason I am big is because when I was a kid my mom let me eat whatever I wanted >o<;; like just lt me GNAW on a cube of butter *shudder* I *DO* eat healthy o.0; everyday I have veggies and fruits and meat and when I get depressed I dont go scarf down everything in the fridge/pantry theres no point itll just add to the weight! why do it, youll just be sadder and cry more later.*shrug* I do excercise too, I doo a lot of situps, 30 mins of step ups, walking in place when I watch tv, scrunches. And I see these kids at school at lunch time in the food line buyin greasy french fries and nachos and stuff and I have a nice sandwich and banana!Im very confused... oh by the way, I am 5'5 and 180pritty bad huh... ANY help would be really really appreciated...thanks ^__^
Reply from rach, Age 13 - 03/07/01 
hey r u kiddin u r doing so well write down everything u eat eg. a crisp if a mate offers it 2 u learn to say no thanks im not hungry. i bet your doing great if u a girl or a boy its great great work i think you have done so welkl and gotton so far well done keep it up its more than i can do. if u eva wanna talk email me im in da same position nearly at ....
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oh yeah heres my email address ^___^: