From Rebecca, Age 14 - 02/24/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey I'm 5'7 and i weight 150 pounds. By societys standards i look overweight, but i am also very muscular. I've been eating healthy and exercising for about 6 months already and nothing seems to come off weight wise. I've a lost a few inches, but i still have about a 30 inch waist. If anyone has any ideas how to drop of pounds in a safe way please tell me. Thank you!!
Reply from Phoodie, Age 12 - 04/13/09  - IP#:
1st. Find a Hobby and do it wen ur snacking. Ex. I luv music. Everytime i want to eat...i listen to music. (Even watching TV wud work)
2nd. Bring ur own lunch to school. If u dont no wats in it. Dont eat it.
3rd. Don't care bout wat others think. u losing weight shud be b/ u want to not b/ of "societys standards." If others think ur fat...tats their problem.
Reply from Sue, Age 40 - 02/25/01 
I know you won't want to hear this but you are not overweight and forget society's standards. If you have been exercising and are muscular then that would account for the weight. Regarding a 30 inch waist, that is just your age. At 14 your body is still changing and developing and you will just have to be patient and wait until your tummy gets flatter as you develop more. If you are still determined to lose weight then reduce your calories but I don't think any medically qualified person would advise you to do that based on your height and current weight.