From Chyler, Age 15 - 02/15/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey, i'm 5'6 and weigh 162lbs. when i say something to my friends about being fat, they just saying whatever!!! your so skinny!!! but that's just what it looks like. i have alot of fat in my stomach. everytime i sit down it rolls over my pants. and i hate wearing tight shirts because of the big roll i have. and i want to atleast get a flat stomach by the end of may, because i'm going to be starting marching band and it will be hot outside and i want to be able to wear those spaghetti strap shirts that are always kinda tight and short. so if you have ne tips for losing weight and getting a flatter stomach, please let me kno!!! you can email me at
Reply from Rosie, Age 13 - 03/03/01 
Chicky!!! Good choice with the marching band!!! I've been in one here on Canada (probably nowhere near as tough as in rthe US) and I've lost 15 lbs. since September!! Ask one of your friends (preferably not incredib;y skinny and gorgeous) to go walking with you every day after school or 4 times a week or something, and maybe turn it into running or running laps around a nearby field. That's what I've recently started doing and it's great because you have someone to talk to and motivate you!!! Keep working and good luck in band!! I don't really have many more tips than that, but if ya wanna talk and become friends, e-mail me at
Reply from Sophie, Age 12 - 02/21/01 
Well I can tell you 2 things. Start running and start a calorie chart. It will help tons!!!! I used to be a size 14 but now I am a size 13 and can just barly fit in to a 12. So just try and maybe it will work.!