From Mr. Dan, Age 18 - 01/15/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
The truth about carbs. Carbohydrates come from any type of bread. such as pasta and bread. The thing about it, is that if you dont work out directly after eating it, it stores to fat. The best Idea to keep in mind is to try to eat whole weat bread, or to cut back any type of bread substances from your daily intake.
Mr. Dan:)
Reply from Leanne, Age 18 - 05/23/01 
Dan u bloody idiot. there are ppl on here who want to loose wait and ure tellin em to cut out carbs. If u chec your info, and stop listening to the Aitkins diet, u will find out that carbs are an essential part of a daily diet, u just have to eat your food in moderation. So eat a healthy amount of carbs, protein, and fibre. And do still have low fat foods.
I dont mean 2 insult u but u have to b careful about what u say. depriving 12 year olds of foods can harm them. if u wanna chat e-mail me at