From Faran, Age 13 - 01/14/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi everyone. does anyone kno a type of homemade drink or diet that helps u lose weight fast? i have absolutly no time for exersize. my friends say im not fat, but i cant help feeling that everyone else thinks i am, in the past week i hav gotten 2 rude remarks about it. pleaseee help!! i dont kno what to do!
Reply from Robin, Age 43 - 03/14/01 
I knew a girl once long time ago and I told her I thought she was too fat. I haven't heard from her in over 18 years and to this day I wish I had never said that to her. You are the only one that can feel good about yourself
Reply from Stephanie, Age 16 - 01/17/01 
Just to let you know, there is no magical weight loss formula. I've tried the gum, diet supressers (?), and pills, and trust me...nothing works. It only gets rid of the water weight, which you will eventually get back. You should just try to make room for at least 20 minutes of exercising per day. Or maybe jump roping for 5 minutes...
Reply from sue, Age 39 - 01/16/01 
There are diets where you can lose weight fast i.e. half a stone in a week but from my experience you just put the weight back on very quickly i.e. within two days of eating normally again. If you want to feel full up but not be eating too many calories then one thing that has helped me in the past is by drinking low fat soups. Any supermarket will have these. They are usually about 50 calories a can. Also nosh on fruit but not bananas or grapes and drink lots of water. There are low calorie milk drinks which are filling and nutritious and those have worked for me in the past but, again, if you lose the weight quickly then it will go on again quickly. There really is no quick and instant fix that is going to be healthy for a growing person to take. You have to educate yourself to eat sensibly and healthily. You really do have to be patient but if you lose weight by eating sensibly then it will stay off as long as you carry on eating sensibly.