From Jen, Age 12 - 01/12/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi! Im not really overweught or anything, judt 110 pounds, but i really feel like i need to take off ten pounds. all my friends are like, only 90 pounds. Im really short so it makes me seem fat. people are even starting to comment. does anyone have any ideas on how to loose weight fast? besides eating right, i need something faster then that.
Reply from Leanne, Age 18 - 05/23/01 
girl, ure not big at all. The only reason they weigh so much less is coz u have boobs and they dont. And we all know that boys dig boobs-hehe. But on a serious note, dont fret. When puberty hits, you grow otwards (hips, and boobs) and u grow taller. Its just that your becoming a woman, and there not, hehe, simple as. E-mail me if u want at
Reply from Sandra, Age 16 - 01/26/01 
Dear Jen,
You are 12 and you weigh 110! Don't worry about it! I can't believe that all of your friends weigh under 100 lbs. That's not healthy. At your age, you are about to, or have already started your menstrul cycle, and you have to keep a little weight on you in order for to to have regular cycles. My friend Ashley weighs 105, and she told mw that her doctor said she should gain some weight because se stopped mensturating. Try to keep yourself healthy, and I know it's hard, but don't focus so much on your weight. You're only twelve for gosh sakes!
Reply from Annie, Age 11 - 01/13/01 
Forget what other people weigh. They could have a totally different metabolism and height to you. I am short as well so I know that it does make you seem bigger. I have just lost five pounds with sensible eating. There is no very quick fix to this. If the weight comes off very quickly then usually it goes back on quickly. You have to educate yourself to eat sensibly, eat low calorie foods and less fat in your diet. I get my mum to buy the foods I love but the slimming versions. My mum writes down everything I eat and the calories so we know exactly what I am eating every day. So far it has worked. I don't want to be become obsessive but you really do have to list what you eat and you will be surprised how high in fat some things are. So get a book that tells you how many calories things are and then avoid the really fattening things. There are loads of slimmers meals and soups in the supermarkets. There are even low calorie sweets. One supermarket sells small lollies that are only 45 calories and some ice lollies are only 50 calories. It does take time and effort but if you do it properly and get support from your mum then the weight will come off.