From unknown, Age 14 - 01/09/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey all! i'm 14 and i'm really really fat and when i look at myself i want to kill myself! i want to knwo how to lose about 50 pounds FAST liek with in 2 months or by the summer! i dont' know what to do if i don't lose 50 pound i will kill myself and i'm really serious i've tried before! i will do it for sure this time!! so will some one please help me lose weight fast! thanx
ps i also am ALWAYS hungry and i'll eat A LOT and still be hungry and then i'll eat more and it seems that i'll never be full so i keep on eating all the time! PLEASE HELP ME!!
Reply from A Mom that Cares, Age 38 - 01/15/01 
Nobody is that messed up. You are a human being and one of God's Creations. Your heart is what he see's. Keep it right and you'll be fine- Stop for a few minutes, think about some foods you do like that aren't fattening- like salads with lowfat dressings- get in the habit of nibbling on things that have no fat content in them. Just go for a walk every day and night if you can and start eating a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables without butter or margarine, try and eat some baked fish every week!! tuna is very good for you- just add a very little bit of relish if you like and give up the bread! Just eat a little bit of wholewheat bread. take a vitamin every day- tell yourself you can do it and just start thinking thin today!! We love all of you- all you can do is take one step at a time.. eat Turkey breast too! Eat oatmeal- the kind you cook and put a little honey and milk and raisins in it- its the best thing to eat everyday for breakfast- it is sooooooooooo good for you!! Really.. Please try this- It will help you and remember, someone is praying real hard for you :)
Reply from Shannan, Age 13 - 01/15/01 
just don't disagree with your self. just like yourself. all u have to do to lose weight is to do lots of excersie. that what i did excersie before going to bed, after eating. i used to weigh 170 i lost 10 pounds cause i excersie alot and slowed down on the sweet choclate fating food it works,just try it. i gaurentee it will work. i know i used to hate myself. but since i have a boyfriend ive benn losing lots of pounds. bye shannan
Reply from Alison, Age 15 - 01/09/01 
PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. It will only complicate things. Try slim fast i'm on it right know and i take the b-1 vitamin for energy and metabolism. Other things like b-6 and b-12 help. Eat things that fill you up but with not alot of calories or fat like banana's and whole wheat stuff. Steer clear of red meats and high sugar foods. I know a lot of things are hard to do like run and walk all the time. But dance do sit ups or crunches. Eat yogart(low or non fat). And tell the mean people where they can stick their words. I know how you fell i have the same problems. I'm 5'9" and 240 pounds. But think about suicied will just add more stress and not worring about what others say and just have fun with who you are. Well if you want to leave out some steam my email address is and my screen names is mischievous34. Others can talk to me too. See you later.
Reply from Ariel, Age 14 - 01/09/01 
Don't kill yourself! Losing 50 pounds in two months is a lot, and will most likely not happen. You should eat right and exercise. If you're hungry all the time, drink lots of water and eat fiber. I bet you're not hungry ALL of the time, it just feels like it. You may actually be bored. I know I felt like I was hungry when I was bored. Then I started exercising and got a hobby to keep me distracted. You know what my hobby is? Helping other people with their weight problem. Yeah, that's right. Having a hobby doesn't necessarily mean collecting something. Do something you enjoy, besides eating. And you may want to check out the book "The Fat Girl" by Marilyn Sachs. The girl in it loses a lot of weight, and it may inspire you. If you need someone to dump your problems on, you can e-mail me at ""
And remember: God Loves You JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!