From Andrea, Age 12 - 01/09/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
One day,I was cleaning up after a party.I wanted to get a snack and didn't realise that someone placed a bowl of juice on top of the fridge near the edge.So,when I opened the fridge,the bowl of juice kinda fell on me and the wetness of the juice kinda made my T-shirtcling on to my GIGANTIC FAT stomach.My waistline is about 45inches.My height is about 4foot weight is about 200 pounds!Does anyone out there know how to lose a lot of weight and fast?
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 16 - 04/25/03  - IP#:
Loosing weight quickly can be dangerous. But I know a way to lose 1 pound a week. First multiply your weight by 15. Then just subtract 500 from your product and that is the number of calories you should eat a day. So if you're 200lbs you multiply that by 15(200*15=3000) and subtract 500 (3000-500=2500). That' the amount of calories you should eat a day. As you lose weight you'll have to adjust that number. Drinking water will help food cravings and start light exercise. Good luck!
Reply from Sandra, Age 16 - 01/26/01 
Try not to loose weight quickly. It's more exciting to loose the weight slowly. One day you wear a size 14, and in about a two and a half weeks, you can fit into a size 12. People will notice, and it will keep you motivated. Just eat fruits and veggies when you crave sweets. Try papayas and mangos. they really work.
Reply from A Mom That cares, Age 38 - 01/15/01 
Nobody is too big for GOD...
You are a human being and one of God's Creations. Your heart is what he see's. Keep it right and you'll be fine- Stop for a few minutes, think about some foods you do like that aren't fattening- like salads with lowfat dressings- get in the habit of nibbling on things that have no fat content in them. Just go for a walk every day and night if you can and start eating a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables without butter or margarine, try and eat some baked fish every week!! tuna is very good for you- just add a very little bit of relish if you like and give up the bread! Just eat a little bit of wholewheat bread. take a vitamin every day- tell yourself you can do it and just start thinking thin today!! We love all of you- all you can do is take one step at a time.. eat Turkey breast too! Eat oatmeal- the kind you cook and put a little honey and milk and raisins in it- its the best thing to eat everyday for breakfast- it is sooooooooooo good for you!! Really.. Please try this- It will help you and remember, someone is praying real hard for you :) Try drinking some very cold ice water with fresh lemon sliced in it throughout the day. The lemon burns fat. Also drink grapefruit juice. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER- It helps keep you full and you don't want to eat too much- so eat good when you do- at least three small meals a day. or about 10 very healthy things a day- think about all of the food groups and just TRY IT !!
You can do it!!