From Allison, Age 16 - 12/02/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey y'all, I'm just writing to say that I started this year off at being 5'6" and weighing 160 pounds, but when October started, I just got really active and started to really observe what I was eating and so far I have gotten my weight down to 141 pounds, and yes, I still am 5'6". Recently I was watching Tv and a report said that Canadian kids were getting more and more obese, and that scared me quite a bit, did anyone else hear this? Any comments? Also I took the BMI calculator on this site and it said that my ideal weight was between 101 and 149 pounds, which kinda made me feel mad, because if I was ever to go below 120 pounds, I would have to go to a hospital because, my bones would be popping out everywhere, and I'd be sick. Has anyone else, noticed that the BMI calculator is
Reply from Candice, Age 14 - 12/25/00 
Ya i noticed the calc was a little off too! Not even a year ago it said my BMI was 16 and now when i've only gained almost 2 pounds, it says im up to 20!
Reply from Ariel, Age 14 - 12/17/00 
Yeah, I heard that here in the U.S., too. It's very scary. We're the future. I don't know about you, but I don't want overweight people everywhere I look. We need to help each other obtain a sensible weight, and I think that's what this web site's all about. I lost weight, too. I feel more confident, and people don't look at your fat anymore. It's cool! Yes, I agree that the calculator is off. Some of it is also hard to understand. Keep on living the good life, and know that GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply from Mina, Age 12 - 12/03/00 
Yeah the bulletin board is kinda freaky--it said I was underweight even though I weigh 152 lbs!!!!