From Arsa, Age 13 - 11/19/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Looking at these posts, I see most of you are trying to lose 10-20 pounds. Is there anyone (like me) who is heavier and trying to lose 50-60 pounds? I would love talking to other teens who also have severe weight problems, and are trying to lose a lot of weight. We could motivate each other to succeed. :o)-Arsa
Reply from Ariel, Age 14 - 01/17/01 
I'm trying to lose about 50 pounds. E-mail me at God Loves You!
Reply from Krystal, Age 15 - 01/16/01 
I also am trying to lose about 60-70 pounds. I am currently 5'5 and weigh 190. I am really fat and I decided that I not only wanted to be skinny but I want to be healthy too. I am not one of these people that if I lose 10-20 pounds then I will look better. I need to lose ALOT more than that. I would be happy to be a sort of buddy with you. I could use the motivation. also my mom is looking into Weight Watchers for me and her. I am a little embarrased to go but I hear that it really helps people lose weight. Well good luck with the weight lose. You can email me at if you would like to.
Reply from Christine, Age 15 - 11/24/00 
I know exactly how you feel! I need to lose 50-60 pounds. Don't feel bad about yourself, if you are self confident it will be alot easier. When I realised this, I made alot of new friends, and then I actually started to lose weight! e-mail me if you ever want to talk.
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 11/23/00 
I really know how you feel. But the first thing to do is except yourself. Did you know a lot of people (skinny or stuck up) probably feel sorry for you, but you shouldn't. When I was 8 or 9, I felt jealous of the skinny kids in my class, but you know what? Most of the people I was jealous of are jealous of me because I am the most developed girl in my grade. I weigh 165 pounds and am 5'1. Sure I want to lose weight, and I trying to , but the only thing that matters is that I'm happy with myself!
Reply from Shannon, Age 14 - 11/21/00 
Hi Arsa. I am also very oveweight I weigh 270 pounds and need to lose alot to become healthy. I your idea sounds like a good one. An e-mail motovation group sounds cool. My e-mail is if anyone wants to start a group.;)
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Reply from Krissy, Age 18 - 11/19/00 
Arsa I can realte to what you are saying I am definetly trying to lose more than 10 or twenty pounds.. I wanna lose 10 sizes... a little more. So if you need to talk then email me at