From Jenny, Age 12 - 11/18/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am 12 years old, 5'2" and about 110-115 pounds. I am very unsatisifed with my weight. I don't consider myself FAT, but overweight. All the other girls at my school are skinny, and the other day, this girl said she liked me pants, but they would probably fall down if she wore them. It really hurt my feelings, and I am very self-conscious about my weight now. I skateboard, but that doesn't seem to help. Please gimme some advice! I could really use it!
Reply from Lauren, Age 13 - 12/27/00 
hun...u are not fat!!! i went through the exact same thing tho...ok, im young for my age...13 but im in 8th grade and when i was in 6th grade..i think i was like 11, i thought was the tallest, biggest girl on my entire team, i was like 5'3 and weighed 110 somewhere around there. i had plenty of girl friends, but it really hurt when someone (usually a guy) called me a name or n e who...ville (hehe), my girlfriends stuck up for me, so i just wanted u know know that u need to find friends who will be there for you and just ignore all the other people that are cruel, but just know that i am here for you too, even though you dont know me.
ps...ur NOOOOTTTT fat!
Reply from liz, Age 17 - 12/27/00 
ok 1st of all u r NOT FAT!!! whoever told u that u were,well they need to lay off.there are alot of girls i know that are the same height and weight as u and im being very serious.they are not even fat.
if u can email at
i can tell u more information than u can handle
Reply from Rosy, Age 12 - 12/03/00 
I'm kind of about the same weight and quite a few people used to think I was fat. But if you just BE STRONG you will get through. I know that sounds kinda hard but if you excersise a bit of self confidence you will feel so much better.
Reply from Leeza, Age 12 - 12/03/00 
You are just like me- I weigh exactly the same. I've learnt to live with my weight and it dont really matter coz when I wear clothes I dont look fat at all. I just want to be careful not to get any fatter, coz then I would be overweight. Sometimes I get really depressed, and other times I feel great. Remember, its whats INSIDE that counts!!!!
Reply from hollie, Age 19 - 11/28/00 
I fyour only 110lbs your definetly not overweight. Be happy with yourself and ignore hurtful comments from others. People come in all shapes and sizes.
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Reply from Zorba, Age 13 - 11/27/00 
dont listen to Ms. Pantsfalldown
They are probably all anorexic hicks, and nobody likes hicks. Girls who ARENT super skinny and ARENT super fat (no offense every one) are hot and peeps like them
Reply from Amy, Age 17 - 11/25/00 
Dear Jenny,
I was 12 when I really started to worry about my weight so I started to use extreme diets. They never worked -and like you I was never truly overweight-I just wasn't SKINNY like some other girls ( which is not attractive )-the girl who made the comment to you was probably self conscious about her own body. My suggestion is to just eat when your hungry, and stop when you are full- eating after you no longer feel hungry or are not hungry to begin with is what puts on pounds. Keep on skate boarding! Thats awsome! and don't be a afraid to challenge yourself with something new too! Go for a hike-take up something you've never done before! HAVE FUN-YOU'RE ONLY 12 ONCE!!!!
Reply from Marcus, Age 17 - 11/20/00 
don't worry about your weight, that weight is good for someone your size and age.