From kelly, Age 16 - 11/17/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am 5'3 and like 130-140 pounds. I play a lot of sports but i still feel fat.Especially when we have to wear spandex for volleyball!!!I am constantly comparing myself to all my skinny friends. They can eat whatever they want all the time. I just want to lose like 10-15 pounds but i eat to much. I eat all the time just cause i'm bored. I just feel like not eating all the time but then my mom maked me eat.I'm statrting to get really fed up!
Reply from Amy, Age 17 - 11/25/00 
Hi Kelly,
I know, it's hard NOT to compare yourself to your friends. But the more you worry about how you look, and don't do something about it, the worse your self image will become. I am sure that you are not fat, you just don't feel comfortable. I would tell your mom how you feel about your body. One thing I have learned about excercise and weightloss is that you should keep your body guessing with what type of excercise you do. Volley ball is great! I used to play myself(your right, those spandex don't exactly compliment everyones figure -especially the shiny ones!) Vary your routine-because your body can adapt to one kind of excercise-although any is good for you, change can really make a difference. PROOF- I used to run on the high-school x-country team to lose weight-we ran very far every day, I lost ten pounds in a month but as the season continued, I platued or stopped losing,(although my times got better). After the season ended I joined a health club with my family. I only go three days a week I go-but I try different things all the time-and started weight training and I have reached my goal SIZE.-I look much better now even though I weigh more because of the muscle I have put on. It eat when I am hungry and not when I am bored or sad like before. Listen to your body-not to your friends bodies. GOOD LUCK!!!
Reply from Debra, Age 17 - 11/21/00 
You probably are fat, people are just kidding you when they say you aren't. 5'3 is short and the amount you weigh may be average but they also say the average person, even children in america is overweight or even obese. Tell your mom you want to lose weight, it's your body and you want to eat less.
Reply from Krissy, Age 18 - 11/19/00 
Honey what are you worrying about you weigh normal weight you are fine. The most you need to do is just eat a more salads for like a week and you are fine. Besides if your friends weigh less than 130 then they are too skinny and remeber curves are back in style. Men want women with some weight on them not bones so be happy with you because if I weighed 130 I would not be complaining. Just think you are better off than most people are. Consider yourself lucky.
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 16 - 11/19/00 
I have that exact same problem. I'm also 5'3" and between 130-140 pounds. I don't play sports but i still try to stay active. I ALWAYS compare myself to my friends. I have 2 friends that are very skinny, one weighs about 95 pounds and she's 5'1" and the other weighs about 102 pounds and she's 5'4". They both get annoyed whenever I compare myself to them and they tried to tell me that being skinny is worst than being fat. Umm no! How could they even think that? In the past year, i have actually lost almost 30 pounds, but i still feel really fat. I'm not the type of person that would get an eating disorder and i don't believe in most diets, i just wish there was a way for me to lose weight fast without hurting myself in the process. (by the way, i don't even know how i lost the 30 pounds, it's a little weird that it just disappeared all of a sudden).