From Ariel, Age 14 - 11/13/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I just need some support right now. My mom and I have stopped walking because we've been busy lately and now it's getting colder outside, so it's going to be even harder to get started again. I'm a Christian and I would just like some prayers right now. The teenage years can be very hard because of all the emotional problems. One moment you're pepped and all ready to lose some weight, then the next you're all down in the dumps and depressed. But I would like to say that this a great website. I just discovered it today and I've never experienced seeing what other kids think and being able to respond to their problems. It truly is wonderful and I hope we won't take it for granted. I'll be prayin' for y'all. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!
Reply from Kaytee, Age 14 - 12/07/00 
Hey gurl!
Hey I'm 14 and weigh 165. Last year I weighed 145, I have gained but grew taller. But still I go to a very small school so everyone knows everyone and I'm HUGE!!! My best friend weighs 98lbs!!!! Now is that not fair? I have been on a major diet lately and I'm feeling very confident, But my parents are gettin a divorce so I don't talk to my mom and dad like I use to. So I feel depressed and eat. I know thats not the best way to feel better but it seems to satasfy until I realize what I have done. I'm very christian and just wanted to remind you that god has a plan for all, and stick with it. Don't give up. God #1.
Reply from Mary, Age 13 - 12/03/00 
Sometimes life just gets tough and you need some support. I know how you feel. When I get sad I like to pray because it helps. I have also joined a christian kids club which is great! I've met loads of friends there. Try to walk places instead of getting the bus. I do and I'm a lot fitter.