From nessa, Age 12 - 11/08/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey guys im a short 5'0 girl that wighs 140 lbs. i want to know if anyone knows any way 2 loss weight instead of diets ive tried and tried 2 loose weight its hard i remeber i use 2 weigh 150 i wenyt 2 132 but now im back at 140 its soooo hard. i get soo fed up that i either eat alot or dont even eat but the thing is i really dont eat alot! i know im into the mc donalds and stuff but thats not all the time. i really wanna lose weight becaus i need a guy its hard 2 get a guy with my looks. i have dated guys but like for 3 or 4 days. just its hard everyone holding hands in school wit someone and kissing and me with no one. right now my ex bf said he didnt miss out anything but just a bunch of fat!come one u know how much that hurt me! just please help me i want to look good next year for my 8th grade dance i want people to be liek omg she looks hot! so can u guys help me please *need help*
Reply from Hollie, Age 19 - 11/28/00 
I am 5ft 2 and I wiegh 140lbs. Don't feal bad. Guys like girls with meat on their bones. So look in mirror and be happy with yourself. Most guys might think you look great. I get compliments all the time, and I am confident with myself. It doesn't bother me that I am not super model skinny.I'm a size 10-12. Like many girls I was once unhappy with my body.
Reply from Ariel, Age 14 - 11/13/00 
I don't want guys to notice me because I look good, but I know what you mean about losing weight being hard. You have to have the will power and really want to lose weight to do so. I started an exercise program from a magazine called JUMP. In every issue they have something about exercising and people like us losing weight. Maybe it'll help. I've lost six pounds so far, and I haven't put it back on. That's the important part. Don't rush your weight loss. If you do it slowly, you probably won't put it back on again. Also, drink a lot of water. It helps! Honest!
Just remember that people who make fun of you aren't people who would be good friends. They're people who are judgemental. Don't ever be that way. Well, good luck! :)
Reply from Satchmo, Age 16 - 11/12/00 
It is important to be healthy, and loosing weight overtime and gradually is important, however loosing large amounts of weigth in a short amount of time can be detremental to your health. Also, you have to want to loose weight for the write reasons. It is important to like yourself, confidence is very imprtant, more guys will like you if you have high selfesteem.
Ok, to answer your question, a good way to drive yourself to loose weight is pretend your worst enemy says you can't loose weight (trick yourself) and do everything in your pwoer to proove them worng!
Reply from Sara, Age 13 - 11/10/00 
Hey Nessa...I used to have the same problem. I went on the Atkins No carbs diet for 2 weeks, and I lost sooo much weight. But after I started eating a few more carbs a day then i had and I gained almost all of it back, so i gave up on that. The best diet i know is to cut down on the grease you eat. and always eat half of what you would normally eat. it's been working for me! i went from 131 lbs to 118 easily, and i was NEVER hungry. also if you have this problem where you eat when your bored, or you think you are hungry (I had this prob)drink a glass of water wait 10 minutes then if you are still hungry eat a VERY small non fat low calorie snack. Oh, especially try to eat way less sugar!!! My friend suggested it to me, and it really works!