From Kristina, Age 15 - 11/01/00 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am 15 and I used to be a little heavy all my life. When I was 14 i got so fed up that I stopped eating and became anorexic. Since then I have been daignosed with a disease that uses steroids to control. Steroids made me gain a whole lot of weight, i went from about 86 pounds to about 115. They also make you feel very hungry. I just got off the medicine but the weight isn't coming off, i feel really bad about myself, and i feel like i want to stop eating again, but it is so hard. I constantly complain about being fat. I need some help to eat well and feel better about myself.
Reply from Kaytee, Age 14 - 12/07/00 
Hey gurl,
You know my friend use to be bulimic(I think i spelled that right). That was 2 years ago and she talked about how it was the BIGGEST mistake of her life. Well since she quit b-ball she has gained weight and guess what she only eats maybe a roll every 3 days. THATS CRAZY!!! I have tries to help her but the only way I can help is to take to my house(which I don't mind) and put food in her face and get me some and eat saying how yummy it is. That was 2weeks ago, now she eats lunch at school not alot but more than a roll. Its gonna be okay for you. My prayers are with you. God #1.
Reply from Sharie, Age 16 - 11/01/00 
I can really empathize with you. I used to be very fat when i was younger, and then to 'cure' it i became anerexic. I didnt get clinically diagnosed, though, because my mom wouldnt have it. She told me that I was doing it all for attention and she wouldnt have it. So I realized that I was way too underweight, and I should start eating again. I now find myself jumping up and down on the scale, 'cause as you know it is hard to maintain your 'ideal' weight. I do sometimes wish that i was that 90lb stick again, but then i realize that that is not healty both physically and mentally for me. So my advise to you is that since you KNOW and CAN lose weight. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. So maybe have your mom help monitor your eating habits. Get out and join some activities at school or even by yourself(or do some by staying in, my personal favorite is Aerobics). Stop eating candy and drinking sugary things, snack on fruits and drink a lot of water. I beleive in you!! :)