From Daniel, Age 16 - 03/30/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 172 cm, Start: 182 kg, Today: 182 kg (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 80 kg - Hey, I'm kinda new to this thing. I'm Daniel and I'm from Poland. I've always been big, thanks to my dad and grandma who always gave me any food I wanted. Unfortunately as you can probably guess by my weight, I always wanted food. I got used to being fat, as I weighted 125kg last year, but since covid I put a ton of weight. My belly is very wide and hangs lower and lower, my boobs grew a lot and my tighs and butt won't fit comfortably in anything apart from sweatpants, but they already start to feel tight under my belly. I sweat a lot and have no energy so I just stay in my room and eat more food to feel better but afterwards I only feel heavier and fatter. The gyms are closed, swimming pools too, which is the main reason why I got so fat so quick. I love swimming, and apart from PE at school it was the only activity I was feeling good at. I really want to lose weight, because summer is close and I can't even put my legs into my swimshorts, not to mention the rest... not to mention that I look enormous and I'm ashamed of it. My younger brother who is skinny is bullying me all the time, slapping my belly and calling me names. When he invites his friends for a sleepover they all make fun of me. I feel like s**t. I wnat to change something in my life but it's so hard.  (Note: 172 cm, 182 kg is 5'8", 400 lb.)
Reply from Malachai, Age 15 - 09/27/21  - IP#:
Hey would you like to chat?
Reply from Leigh, Age 16 - 04/11/21  - IP#:
Hi Daniel, I'm also 16, and fully understand what you said. I'm 178cm and 210KG, and I used to be bullied, used to hate myself for being so fat, and like you my parents gave me whatever food I wanted, and actually encouraged me to gain weight as they are both very fat.
Now, although I'm still very fat, I don't let it bother me, and actually laugh at myself. Once I accepted that I was fat kid it made my life so much easier. People still laugh at me when I struggle doing things because of my size, but I laugh with them, and actively enjoy putting myself into situations where I know I'm going to really struggle.
The only down side for me is clothes, I really find it hard to get decent things to fir.
My email is if you want to chat.
Reply from Jenna, Age 16 - 04/05/21  - IP#:
I’m in a similar predicament, schools closed so I get no exercise but I can eat as much as I want because I have a car now so I’ve absolutely ballooned to around 190kg and there’s no signs of stopping. Do you want to chat in the blubberbusters chat room some time?
Reply from Daniel, Age 16 - 04/01/21  - IP#:
He is not overfeedeeng me. He and mom work all day so me and my brother just get some food money everyday. It's my fault that I decide to eat junk and even leftovers after my brother because he eats small portions and never finishes the food he orders. My dad is a bigger guy and he got used to me being big as well. He obviously noticed that I gained weight and asked me about it, and I told him the truth, that ever since the swimming pools are closed I can't burn those calories. He told me that it's ok and he is sure that I go back to a healthier weight after they reopen. But I'm worried that before they do, I'd be 200kg. I kinda like being chubby, but being that fat is hard and makes me feel ashamed of myself whenever I go out because all the stares and comments. I really want to change something, but I just like food so much and overeating became my habit.
Reply from Derek, Age 16 - 03/31/21  - IP#:
Has your dad been encouraging you to lose weight? Have you told him you'd like to lose weight, maybe he can help you? If you ask your dad, maybe he can stop overfeeding you and help you get healthier and start exercising.