From Jackson, Age 15 - 03/03/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 220 lb, Today: 288 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 200 lb - Before quarantine I was already a bit chubby at 220Lbs, but not bad. I expected I gained a few pounds, but until I got on the scale today I was expecting to see 235-250lbs, but I am now 288lbs! I hate how I look, and I have noticed I am not able to be as active as I used to be, I get winded easily, and I can’t fit in my clothes and I know I need help because I don’t want to be just like my parents (my dad is 450lbs and my mom is 380lbs). I know if I can’t get this under control I will be over 300lbs by summer and it is so scary, in a year I gained 68lbs and if I repeat that next year I will be 356lbs shortly after my 16th birthday and according to my dad he wasn’t even over 200lbs until after high school so where does that put me?
Reply from Leigh, Age 15 - 03/07/21  - IP#:
Hi Jackson, I turned 16 last week, and I'm 460lbs. I'm like you, my parents are both huge and I suppose I've just inherited their genes. I really struggle to do loads of things, and clothes are dead difficult.