From Branden, Age 16 - 01/14/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 260 lb, Today: 320 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 200 lb - I've blown up like a balloon. Last time I was on here was before quarantine and I was pretty tubby then. I layer around all quarantine, couldn't go anywhere or exercise and just ate juck food while wearing elastic waistband. I wasn't paying attention to the mirror or getting on the scale. Now I'm huge! I'm over 300 lbs now. We're still in lockdown and I still can't exercise. My grandpa came for Christmas and couldn't recognize me. He teased me for it too. My dad is still thin, but I'm his son and I'm obese. Even he teases me about it every once in awhile. He calls me his doughboy or calls me a marshmallow. I look like a marshmallow! Does anyone have any tips for weight management or loss during quarantine?
Reply from Emily, Age 16 - 11/21/22  - IP#:
Yeah I can help I’m thinking of making a Facebook group or Snapchat group where other bigger teens can help each other with encouraging messages etc but if you’d like to talk more add my TikTok itzpengemilyxo
Reply from Kaylie, Age 13 - 03/29/21  - IP#:
I know how you feel my mother went through it to and so did I
Reply from Branden, Age 16 - 01/14/21  - IP#:
How heavy are you? Do you get teased by your dad too? I'm kinda freaking out coz I feel like a huge blimp.
Reply from Leigh, Age 15 - 01/14/21  - IP#:
If its any help I'm not 16 for another 6 weeks and I'm quite a bit bigger than you.