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Ht. 4'9", Start: 114 lb, Today: 112 lb (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 90 lb - 5/6/2019
It is Monday night and I am back again to bring some updates (though I doubt anyone could care less)
First off, I participate in a program called Battle of the Books, which is a Jeopardy-style where you read 27 books and memorize large and small details to win.
Captivating, amirite?
Anyways, my team has advanced to the state competition, where the top eight schools in NC face off in the final battle. As I have been studying for this for almost a year, you can imagine just how nervous and excited I am.
Only problem? I, like so many of us, possess the bad habit of stress eating. After dinner tonight, I waited a half hour to gauge my hunger. My stomach was unfortunately still growling.
Even though I managed to avoid consuming more calories than recommended by my doctor, about half of what I did eat was junk. Pure, unadulterated junk.
Essentially, I've had what is clearly not the best start to a healthy lifestyle change. But I'm getting there.
On Saturday, my father unearthed my old bicycle from the attic (where it's been ever since we moved in 2015). Somehow, the condition of the bicycle remained pristine. I dusted, washed, and pumped it, and it's the fastest thing ever. I've made a mid-year resolution: If time, weather, and physicality permit, I will ride the bike at least a half hour daily for six days a week.
Finally, I'm cutting out chips/crisps this week. None whatsoever. I can have ONE cookie, but not a chip packet. I plan to proceed with this until junk food has been replaced with meats and vegetables. I hope to gain balance, and lose the desire for unwholesome foods.
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hey, man! I really appreciate your effort to giving up your bad habits and replacing them with better ones. I truly believe in you and your efforts into becoming a healthier person! You seem to be extremely smart and you seem to be very well educated :) keep up the good work, man, I believe in you :)