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Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 162.2 lb (BMI: 29), Goal: 110 lb - I do want to make it clear guys!! putting on w.t. doesn't feel good I can't tell you h.w. many times I put on w.t. my clothes didn't fit that's not fun at all., I mean today I wore my swimsuit at swim praicte, I arrived to early 3:32 p.m. I'm like I have an hour 13 min, I swam while waiting sat in the hot tub, just to get warmed up, my swimsuit is getting lose on the bottom soon 'll be the top I can't to get back to the 30's for my chest! 32 chest been a long time, not since spring 07-., goodness almost nine years,. take the re fresh of losing w.t. slow, take it easy, junk food is difficult to avoid I understand that, my goodness, I only have 12 lbs to be a Misse's 10 in my dresses,! Than 144-140 is an 8!! I'm only 18 lbs away from that hope to lose a dress size or two by Easter!! its a take while to lose the w.t. we put back on getting back to 162 lbs was difficult to get back to,. being in 160's! I'm happy bout that!!! don't give up!
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Happy for you (: