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Ht. 5'6", Start: 191 lb, Today: 206 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 130 lb - So yesterday was Thanksgiving and my mom wasn't with me. She and my step father went on a vacation, leaving me with my cousins. My cousins are twins, who are my age, and they're also overweight to. Taylor is 375, and Olivia is 341. They're obviously larger than me. My aunt is also overweight. So I'm staying with them for the next three weeks...four obese people in one house, I'm defently going to gain more weight. They eat more than I do, which is saying a lot! Five meals a day and two snacks In between. And the food is either fried or covered in sugar. It's awful I've been here one day and I've already put on one pound. My stomach hurts and I feel like I'm
Going to explode! I told my aunt and se took me to her friends house, and her friend rubbed my belly (it's supposed to allow me to eat more). My aunt says that she wants to fatten me I'm
Not already fattened up. My cousins think I'm skinny! Skinny! I'm fat! I don't even want to imagine what my mom is going to say when she weighs me in three weeks! Does anyone have any advice? My aunt says she wants me to be as close as possible to 300! Omg help
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Ellen your aunt want you at 300 lbs is dangerous, I fond something that could actually help you lose it has something you can look up the food + drink calorie serving size, one thing you going to 've to fight harder, I want you to know! I use this app called runkeeper!, I have noicted a differnces on my waist for running for two weeks, here it is !! I fond it for you! Calorie and nutrition info for food and drinks, you can lose the w.t.!! you can do this!< you don't 've eat the way your cousins or your aunt eats either, that's not good for you, I gained a lb before, friend chicken whole w/skin is 845 calories, I lost nearly 20 lbs on lose it a while ago! I'm willing to be your buddy, I understand you I was 196 lbs at my 15th birthday, I 'd install lose it!! also use the link for nutrition. for your aunt wants to fatten you up umm that's abuse to me., if you 've $$$$ use it to buy your own healthy stuff, fried stuff small portions, you can even buy your own snacks, low fat yourget, I'm worried bout you staying under 300 lbs, trust me, its not good for any one, you can do activtes outside!, like talking a walk for or slow running, I started slow on my app to get myself a kick start + re fresh, cause I done it for two weeks, yesterday to celrbarte of doing it for two weeks I move up to stedy!, Ellen I believe in you!!, you make goals for yourself small ones, I'm making myself a small mini goal is to get back to a Junior's 13! don't give up on yourself, my o sister had a lot of processed food, sugar stuff, my niece was gaining w.t. sneaking food. have a glass of water before each meal,! do you have a smartphone? Ipod touch? or Ipad? kindle fire,? you can use lose it on the web!! don't give into your cousins aunt's bad habits they re the example what not to do! remember Ellen your re losing w.t. for yourself + your health!, also grave a note pad to write the calories, Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (g) Fiber (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g) you don't 've to eat the whole thing its ok, not to eat the whole thing, cut it in half one half save the other half for later or the next day!!!,. its has worked,. you 've a pair of jeans you 'd like to wear, hang them up, with a pant hanger!, pic yourself wearing them!!, I promise you once you reach that goal you 'll feel great in them one day!! there is tempations the idea is to fight against them food diary, also helpful!!
keep on fighting Ellen!!