From kekeletso, Age 13 - 11/20/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 150 cm, Start: 65 kg, Today: 70 kg (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 50 kg - my parents have been making fun of my eating habits and hv been making jokes about my weight  (Note: 150 cm, 70 kg is 4'11", 154 lb.)
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 11/20/15  - IP#:
sounds like me to your parents re not supportive we re here to support you, the jokes bout your w.t. isn't what you need., you losing w.t. just for you not for friends or your parents but for yourself + your health also!,. I just logged what I ate today on my lose it app! also that excrising today man I was hungry after 6:30 p.m. to make fun of your eating habits that's not what you need either.,