From Veronica, Age 14 - 08/30/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I've always been chubby. Always. There was /one/ point in my childhood where I really got big. You know, big belly, big rolls, being picked on at school... Yeah. After all the nagging from my parents I finally got all the weight of to the point where I was just beautiful and curvy (I have big hips and stuff, so I can't be 'skinny' if you know what I mean) But anyway, a few months ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. He had used me for 2 whole months... So imagine how great that felt 😒. I started to eat more and now I'm just really packing on the pounds. I'm big everywhere but the place I've noticed it the most is my belly. Its gotten considerably larger and when I sit down it forms into three big rolls. I weighed myself yesterday and I am 170.9 pounds (I'm 14) Any suggestions to help me lose some weight?
Reply from Carl, Age 15 - 08/31/15  - IP#:
I understand totally. I'm had a rough relationship and put on a lot of weight recently :/
Reply from Katy, Age 14 - 08/30/15  - IP#:
I'm also 14, I weigh 172 pounds...and my belly is huge. Everyday I face the problem of finding clothes that fit. I've gained about 25 pounds in the past 6 months simply because I love to eat. I try to exercise but I get really tired and I start breathing really heavy because I'm so fat. I've learned to except the fact that I'm obese, and that its okay. Even though i can't see my toes, can barley fit in my desk at school, or that I have to shop in the plus size section, it's okay.
Reply from Veronica, Age 14 - 08/30/15  - IP#:
KILOGRAMS not pounds sorry