From Jessica, Age 19 - 12/19/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 174 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 118 lb - been over a year since I posted here, I'm back!! guys, I just got removated to get the w.t. off,!! no longer blocked, stay away from the chat room guys, its dangerous, the w.t. gain lovers drove me up to the wall, I left , its been so long, I want u young teens u guys can do it!! take it slow,!! lose it app, & daily burn 18 & up, yes people were a lot mean to me on the chat, people were asking for my f.b I said, no, stay away, they don't 've a way only friends & family can talk, nearly four years ago I did my 1st post,! I'm so dermited to lose the w.t. before I turn 20, 7 months.,
missed posting here I took a break.
Reply from Sara, Age 25 - 12/20/14  - IP#:
Nope! You can do it without having to pay for a premium account. I signed up for it and I have a free account, though I read that you have to be located in the United States to be eligible to win the prizes (unfortunately I live in Canada - but I am still going to participate). It starts January 5th.
Reply from Jessica, Age 19 - 12/20/14  - IP#:
Thanks Sara!! it is the permie that I 've to pay for?
Reply from Sara, Age 25 - 12/20/14  - IP#:
Lose It app also has a New Year challenge coming up that you, as well as some others may be interested in joining. You can win weekly prizes by logging your calories, exercise, and weigh-ins. Check it out on their website to learn more.