From John's mom, Age 13 - 09/07/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 132 lb, Today: 165 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 110 lb - Hello teens, My name is Jolene and I posted here in June asking for advice about my adopted son John. He's 13 and last June he was 61" tall and 132 pounds. His pediatrician at that time told his father and me that John was obese and to help him lose weight.Last Tuesday, we took John back for another physical(he just started 8th grade and he wants to play sports, so the district requires current physicals for all such students. John grew 1" taller and he gained 33 pounds over the summer. I know John has a huge appetite and knew he gained weight this summer because we had to buy all new school clothes for him because he couldn't even pull the nice pants he wore last June over his legs and hips, but I had no idea he had gained so much weight. Yesterday we went to a neighbor's house for a end of summer party. They have a pool, and so John was there in his boardshorts we bought in July but are now very tight. He's not self-conscious at all about his weight (the other chubby teen boys there all kept their tee shirts on, but John didn't).
John ate a ton of food, but that was OK because it was potluck so there was a lot of food. It doesn't bother me that he eats so much because I know he's still growing. He always tells me he's hungry and I know he loves to eat.
My husband tells me not to worry and that John will get teller and grow into his weight, but I am worried. If John keeps on gaining 11 pounds a month he'll be over 300 pounds next year.
John is such a nice boy I don't want him to think I'm criticizing him so I don't tell him not to eat so much.
BTW, my husband and I decided not to let John go out for football because of danger of concussions, but we told him he can wrestle, and try for basketball and baseball. He's OK with that.
Teens, please give me advice, PLEASE! How can I help my son get his weight under control when he doesn't seem to think he has a problem and my husband is no help.(My husband was very heavy as a youngster and teen and now at age 40 weighs well over 300).
Reply from Henry, Age 13 - 01/27/15  - IP#:
We'll miss I'm 300 lbs and it's not so bad yeah sure I can play baseball and basketball but it's boring I'm not selfconcious about my weight either your son sounds like he wouldn't mind but If he needs to lose weight decrease his portions like my mom has u will be fine
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Concussions can happen in any sport. My brothers have all played football none of them had concussions. Its actually more common in soccer than football at that age for concussions. Coaches are trained on what to do if a player gets a concussion. Football would have been good for him. Its a lot more cardio than wrestling is which is what he needs to help lose the weight.
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Hello Mark, I just send you an email!
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Hi Jolene,Its Mark from the parents board. If you want you can email me @