From Beth, Age 13 - 07/14/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 178 lb, Today: 178 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 105 lb - I am fat. I never once thought I would be this fat at age 13. I have a lot of extra blubber and fat on me, espeshilly my thighs and stomach. I love to ride horses, ride my bike and walk my dogs when its not to hot or not to cold. But is still am fat. I can't seem to lose weight. I need help. I try to eat healthy, but I am addicted to junk food. I need help. PLease. if you have ANY advice, please help me.
Reply from Tina (Mother of Overweight Child, Age 40 - 02/03/15  - IP#:
I was an overweight child myself. Back in the 80s, I was THE only fat kid in school. When I hit 13, I just decided to make a change. I had to go cold turkey on the junk and start walking and then jogging an hour every day. That special appointment with yourself to exercise should be something you look forward to. It is your time to be selfish. I think having something to look forward to everyday is good. It is all I how you look at is not is a gift to yourself. Some days you will feel great and workout hard. Other days, you won't have much energy, but easy walk is still better than sitting on your bottom watching TV. Anyway, I lost 30 pounds in one summer. I have never been overweight since. I never eat McDonalds, Doritoes, Oreos, etc. because even 27 years later, I fear that I will love the taste and not want to stop eating the junk. You need your parents help to buy better snacks for you. My 8 yr-old has struggled with her weight for the past 3 yrs since she was 5. Her dad was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away when she was 6. I never thought I would have an overweight child who is addicted to food. I do have even a granola bar or seemingly innocent Goldfish crackers in my house, yet she find ways to trade food at school to get junkier snacks. She could eat a box of Ritz crackers if no one stopped her. I try so hard with her to remind her that the food doesn't love her, but I think it fills the void of the loss of her dad. I feel for her and do my best to help her find other ways to fill that hole, but she keeps turning to food. I spend $400 per month on dance classes, private swimming lessons, and a workout class, but when she comes home, she just wants to sit. I just bought her a treadmill. Ask your parents to buy you a treadmill. You can buy an inexpensive one or a used one. I have been making her walk on the treadmill when she watches TV, in addition to the 7 hours of the other activities. In 2 weeks, we are finally seeing results of weight loss. I have spent 2 years obsessing over her diet and food addiction. Although we still have to deal with the food addiction, I am so happy that we have finally found the right amount of exercise to help her lose weight. Good luck. You do not have to be overweight. You CAN do it. I did it. Start with changing your attitude about exercise and make that appointment with yourself every day to just walk for one hour. Ask your parents to help you find protein and fiber based snacks to replace the processed carbs. No Chewy granola bars and Nutrigrain bars. Those things are just as bad. Apples with peanut butter. Cheese. Almonds. Kind bars (like granola bars, but natural and low glycemic index found at Whole Foods or in the workout aisle of the grocery store.) Find other "bars" in the workout aisle of the grocery store where they sell protein shakes, but watch out for calories. Get an honest baseline of your current calorie intake, then start by trimming 100-200 calories, so you don't ruin your baseline metabolism. Reducing your calories just 150 per day will result in a loss of 1 pound per month. That's just a half of a candy bar! Some days, go for a very reduced calorie intake and twice a month go ahead and splurge. That confuses your body, so it doesn't go into starvation mode and mess up your metabolism. Most importantly, whatever "hole" that you have in your soul that you try to stuff with junk food, tell yourself 10 times in the mirror every day, that the food doesn't love you and won't fill that hole. No one else in this world will fill that hole; not boyfriends, not even your parents. Only you can fill that hole with the help of God. Pray to Him. Ask him to show you a way to fill that hole without food. Ask him to use you to help others to help fill that whole of loneliness.
Reply from Henry, Age 13 - 10/28/14  - IP#:
Basically I wnat to get fat im tempted with fat and blubber but basically your metabolism is obviously a lot slower than other people's so if you want some help email
Reply from Austin, Age 15 - 07/15/14  - IP#:
Exercise is a good place to start with your weight loss, but if you really want to lose the weight, I'd recommend cutting your daily caloric intake down to around 1,500 calories per day. Don't drop down to that in one day though. Try to wane down your intake by about 100 calories per week. So if you have a daily intake of 2,900 calories, try to bring it down to 2,800 calories in one week. then repeat until you get down to 1,500 every day. Try and see it that works. that's how I lost my weight.
P.S. Remember: Gradually!!!