From Ayla, Age 16 - 04/02/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 329 lb, Today: 329 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - I've always been overweight, and I don't enjoy running or anything, but it has never been a mobility issue. I'm tall enough and lucky enough that my weight has grown more upward as opposed to making me rounder. I'm worried about later issues though. Also, being a plus size junior, who's already more mature than most of the boys, no one wants to date me. I really want/need to loose weight, and I'd love to be down a size or two by summer, but I have issues losing weight. I feel like I don't have time to exercise, and eating healthy is hard to do in public school. I could use all the help, tips, stories, and encouragement that I can get!
Reply from Food, Age 22 - 06/03/14  - IP#:
Many people find help in Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. Some of us have been diagnosed as morbidly obese while others are undereaters. Among us are those who were severely bulimic, who have harmed themselves with compulsive exercise, or whose quality of life was impaired by constant obsession with food or weight. We tend to be people who, in the long-term, have failed at every solution we tried, including therapy, support groups, diets, fasting, exercise, and in-patient treatment programs.

FA has over 500 meetings throughout the United States in large and small cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Charlotte, Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, and Washington, D.C. Internationally, FA currently has groups in England, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. If you would like more information about FA, please check out our website at www [dot] foodaddicts [dot] org. If there aren’t any meetings in your area, you can contact the office by emailing FA at foodaddicts [dot] org, where someone will help you.
Reply from Emily, Age 17 - 04/30/14  - IP#:
do you have a kik? mine is emilykealy.
Reply from madi, Age 15 - 04/26/14  - IP#:
Hey there Ayla! I'm Madi and I understand how you are feeling. I'm 5'4 and 200 pounds but for my most of my weight is in my chest and my stomach - I am honestly very round and have a very fatty face. My weight loss goal right now is 150. I know what you're going through. It's hard to be in public school while trying to loose weight, and I also want to go down a size or two before summer. I have a lot of tips for weight loss - and how to continue to eat right an exercise! We could be weight loss buddies haha :)
Reply from Holly, Age 13 - 04/04/14  - IP#:
Try to place your focus on all the benefits of reaching your goal, and don't worry about the little roadblocks that may come. At times you will get stressed out but it's really important to keep going because it will be so worth it. I struggle with depression and a really low self esteem, and I decided that I would not fail to reach my goal because I refused to feel sick looking at myself for any longer, and I'm the closest to my goal than I've ever been. It sounds strange, but tell yourself that you will reach your goal, because you are strong enough and capable enough, and you will. As long as your motivation is healthy, than go for it. In the beginning of weight loss, you will most likely lose weight really fast, and as for exercise, I started with fixing my eating habits, and then excercising. but if your eating habits are good, try starting small with excerise, like maybe 10 minutes in the morning, then 10 at night, and then gradually increasing. Just remember that you are so capable of reaching your goal, keep yourself motivated and inspired, and you can do it. Good luck!