From Alexis, Age 13 - 01/09/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 280 lb, Today: 360 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 400 lb - I'm happy to be big! I eat all the time and like to lie around, and I'm still healthy! I think this place is just an attempt to make us think we aren't beautiful but we are! Bigger is better! I'm in the chat alot, Pm me!
Reply from Maryuri, Age 16 - 03/09/14  - IP#:
You might be healthy now because you are young (13), but what about when you are 20?; 30?; or 40? People on this are on here to not only look & feel better about themselves but to also get healthier. Truth is obesity kills and leads to an early grave. So if you want to die young, go ahead grab yourself a cheeseburger and reach that goal of 400lbs.
Reply from Turtle, Age 16 - 02/28/14  - IP#:
Hello there, Alexis! I dont mean to pry, but I dont think you should want to gain weight. It makes daily tasks harder to accomplish, and it is not safe. You could damage the heart and other major organs. We are all beautiful, but we should all be healthy too :)
Reply from Andrew, Age 11 - 02/24/14  - IP#:
Most people I know on this site (if not all) want to lose weight not gain weight. Plus, in the rules it says no FA (Fat admires) allowed. If you like to be fat, go to another website but don't blame me and the other person who replied if you have to go to the hostipal because you are too fat.
Reply from Abinwi, Age 13 - 01/11/14  - IP#:
i would have to disagree with you alexis if you clearly go around and read most of the things on the site you will find that theses people tell us to be happy and embrace ourselves. and remember they don"t call the kids here the kids call themselves here because they want to change not because the site told them to you may be happy with yourself but that doesn't mean others are if you truly love yourself you would want to take care of yourself and be healthy and that's what the kids on this website are doing. And mind you some kids are discouraged or limited to do the things they want because of their weight and want to change that.bigger may be better for you but not for others please do not label this website as something they are not or discourage others from participating in this phenomenal oppurtunity to be happy with themselves please and thank you.