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Ht. 5'10", Start: 205 lb, Today: 205 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 160 lb - I am obese and this year I want to do a lot to help myself, however I have one problem, my step mother makes my food and she makes very oily fatty and large quantity dishes. I DONT LIKE THEM but I'm forced to finish my plate and if I confront them my dad would be upset with me for disrespecting her, I really want to lose it and I'm prepared to sacrifice a lot, but I can't do it without correct meals. My mother dies when I was young, I'm fairly sure I was mercy fed, that's why I'm obese, I don't eat when I'm upset though, now that I can control more.
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Sit down and have a talk with your step-mother. Tell her exactly what is going on and why you have to lose weight.
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hi aquib i think you should sit down and talk to your step mom and tell her about your decision to loose weight and ask if she could change or cut back on some of the things she cooks. or you could give suggestions of what would be healthier. you two can learn to cook it together. you should also make sure your father is aware of this so he won't misunderstand or get upset at you. when you have more people on board it is way easier to loose weight start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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dont feel bad my sister shes only 15 and she is on the line of being 300 pounds she weights right now 292 pounds now