From hannah, Age 13 - 12/28/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 10 st 8, Today: 10 st 8 (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 9 st 8 - Right so I have tried to loose weight before and failed and this is my attempt again to actually loose weight. I hate the way I look and it is because I am overweight. It is my fault, knowing comfort eat because when I am upset I don't know what to do so I guess food distracts me from things. Last time I tried to loose weight I didn't tell friends or family which was wrong because I needed support and I thought by not asking I wasn't addressing my weight problem. Although this time I know it was wrong and I know that my weight problem has got out of control in the last year so I have asked for help this time. I told my best friend about everything about from the comfort eating I don't really know how to explain it. I don't want to upset her either as she wouldn't like to hear that I have been upset myself for ages and told no one. Anyway so she said she would help me loose weight safely and help me be happy again as she knows I hate my body image. We are going to start going for short jogs and going to the gym. I suppose that's a start also I am going to eat alot healthier as I eat absolute rubbish and too much of it! I told her that when we go back to school or when we are together she can slap anything fatty out my hands, she also said that when I get cravings to text her which should probably help I guess. Today is the start of a new me and I am going to loose weight this time and it is never going to be put back on! Oh and does anyone have advice on anything really!  (Note: 10 st 8 is 148 lb.)
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Awhhh thanks for the advice, I ended up failing this "lifestyle change" agin therefore I am going to try to do it again properly this time. I am from England thanks and oh my god we could be weightloss buddies. And to the other person I'm sorry your in a wheelchair and I promise this time I will do it correctly. I have probably gained loads of weight by now so I am actually gonna loose much more this time and oh I am in my phone so that's why it looks different! And thanks xx
Reply from nelly, Age 16 - 01/02/14  - IP#:
I really hope you lose weight because if you end up like me nearly in a wheelchair your life will be a pain but because you acted early you will not become ill keep trying!:-)
Reply from maria, Age 14 - 12/29/13  - IP#:
Hey are you from England because I am and I weigh around the same as you. The biggest tip I can give to you is to take baby steps! Maybe do about 10 minutes of exercise a day one week then increase it to 20 the next. Also just take a detox. Cut out all fatty foods and focus on your fuits and veggies and all you need for a healthy balanced diet. Also try to eat 8 glasses of water a day as this fills you up. If you get any cravings, eat chewing gum because it gives your mouth something to do. Hope this helps:)