From Saoirse, Age 17 - 12/13/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 220 lb, Today: 220 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 180 lb - So.. I'm back. I've been in this site before but then I forgot. about it and I derailed off my routine.. Im in my last year of school and I really want to lose weight for the debs (our versionof prom) next August. My mom said she'll help me and come on walks and all with me but the school year is just too busy to do anything! After Christmas is going to be hectic with exams and orals so I won't have time to go on walks so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to do ut with so little exercise?
Reply from Abbie, Age 17 - 01/06/14  - IP#:
Wow you're still here, I forgot about this site too, but I wanted to check back to see how everything is.
Reply from Keri, Age 14 - 12/14/13  - IP#:
If your not exercising for a good amount of time each day, you will really need to watch your eating habits more then anything. Try for lean meats and veggies. and limit the carbs and sugars. A simple way to start the day right, is right when you wake up, try some yoga or stretching poses, and go for a quick jog. Its faster than walking, and burns more calories. hope that help:)