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Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - I want to say guys staying out of 170's is tough for me. but I'm not gonna go back to that again no way.
I fond out by looking at chest its the most important part cause I 've read many posts from teens from 13 years & even 12 years 11 years like ten or 9 or 8 or seven years a lot of years. this broad is at least 13/1.2 years old now! over thousand teens felt like they were alone but others like them helped them out! a lot of them lost w.t. by doing cardio more then just walking & running! I'm dead serious this time, I 've a wedding I'm going to be in early May 2014! yes I like to be a single digit! sick of size 13/14 in sun dress size 16 in form fitting that's it I'm going to do what I 've been saying two half years now! I'm done sitting around. I'm eating less! but the healthy way! at times I do forget breakfast once in a while now but over the summer most of the time I wasn't in a good mood. so Jul I was having mood issues they were pretty worse. yes I fond out by measuring myself a few times I'm a 29 inch waist! better then 37 inch waist that's what got me close to getting health issues in my late teens I said no thank you doctor's & nurses. I manged to stay out of 2XL = XXL clothing. yes the cardio will help get my top part down faster & bottom I'm almost a single digit in my pants! man I didn't realize that! my undergraments for top re fitting better again! well. this past week I barley ate dinner till last night. I was in a lot of stress & sad feeling hurt.
don't strive yourselves please that's not a good idea I 've done that many times trust me you ll gain the w.t. gain. I don't you guys w'd like that either. think twice before thinking or thowing up or not eating at all. I don't post horrible mean stuff at all I 've seen then this year at times I replied that's not nice. it happened on the chat a lot I used anger at times. sometimes you got to save a life from susdice . its terrible. I feel bad for the kids & teens who don't 've both parents home or 've both parents in their lives single parents its harder for them. I grew up with that stuff, my older sister is a single mom its really tough work for her being a single mom, I though of this cause at times I see on the page read my story. it broke my heart a teenager girl hasn't seen her in a long time. we shouldn't give up on someone we know is having a rough time, trust me I could not stand being bullied, its a common issue today. I survived it at elven in a half just barley.
my sixth year being homeschooled hopefully next Aug/Sept is my last year of it well then my 7th year of it! . I can lose another inch I will be 28 inch equal 153 lbs, that size goes to 142-153 lbs! I was close to that Nov 2010! I can now wear my size 12 Junior's old Navy jeans! a year ago of Sept no way I could wear them, now I can! but the thing is they might be to big in the waist, but once I reach a size 7/8/ Junior's yes I'm built differently then most of you girls I'm not slander nor flat chested. I'm broad shouldered. my issue is the top part. yes I 've undergarment fat. I know I can lose 2 cup sizes then 32 C or B 'd be perfect for me! then size small then 121 'd be put in size Small! in my clothing pretty much! I know keeping it will be more harder then getting it off trust me I 've lost 25-30 lbs before well I ll do it again! yes I rather be thinner when I see James in Nov! might go see him on thanksgiving week. we shall see I mean myself guys. its a general term.
gee wow I used to drink 4-6 cans of regular orange soda cans that's 160 calories per can that's gross. 400 calories = six cans I 've not done that in a long time now I stopped drinking it when I was like almost 15/1/2 I drink once in a while I was addicted to it my dad was brining it home all the time, but now I try it I end up not finshing it! its fine I can live without its to sweet for me now I'm not a kid anymore anyway.
my way to handle stress is listen to my nook or talk to people on the phone or on my fb. or just write. email. or be in the shower for a bit or pic myself being in a single digit for my clothing I'm almost there! just need more movation I struggle with that excrise is my issue mainly eating I got clear I hope I got it this time! cause I don't want to put myself down & break a promise. I pet my animals at times I will take a walk! I 've to get the w.t. down before the bridesmaid dress try on yes I want to be close to a single digit I know my top part is the issue! I like to be size 4-6 8-10 S or M! Missies or Peitie's .
thanks a bunch guys inspire to try again do more excrising & my Skethcers's Cardio I lost 25- 2/1/2 months I will try it I got the shoes for it still.
thanks for listening
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I feel your pain
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woops I mean I lost 2/1/2 months doing that Skethcer's cardio DVD before I made a mistake.