From catherine, Age 13 - 09/01/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 130 lb, Today: 125 lb (BMI %tile: 81), Goal: 95 lb - I think I'm finally going to go for a run today
Reply from Jessica, Age 18 - 09/01/13  - IP#:
I aggre with her 95 lbs is to skinny for 5'3 I'm only 3 queaters taller then u I'm 5'3.7 inches. I'm aiming 118-120 lbs! 95 lbs is not healthy for your h.t. u lost five lbs! you got 10-15 lbs to be in the healthy range trust me don't try that small number sorry to disappoint you.
Reply from alondria, Age 13 - 09/01/13  - IP#:
hi I wanna do wat ur doing but im ur height and since were tall are height is ment to be 118-120 and higher sry if I disappoint you