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Ht. 5'11", Start: 275 lb, Today: 275 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - Hi my names kookz and I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm going in my senior year of high school and I really wanted to start off my new year with a new me. I want to get healthy. I want to start working out but I have no motivation and no time. During the school year I wake up at 5 take a shower, get ready and leave by 630 for school. I get home around three. Change. Go straight to work by 3:30 -4:00 work till 10:00 come home, do homework till midnight and then go to bed. I have no time. I work 6 days a week normally and if its not a school day then I'm working 10 hour shifts and am exhausted by the time I get home. Also, where I work I get free burger king and free pizza hut when I go on break. That doesn't help the "healthy eating" goal. Let me know what ya'll think.
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Well one thing you can do, take cold showers I know it sounds terrible but it helps you lose weight because your body is trying to warm up but you keep having cold water put on it. Another thing you can do bring food with you to lunch, ya you might think some people will make fun of you and if they do ignore them because you weight loss is way more important than their comments. And eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch just pack a lunch to school and if you can't do that then make healthy options at school and make sure you JUST DRINK WATER!! that is so important in weight loss!
Hope I helped a little bit!