From Jessica, Age 17 - 07/27/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 229 lb, Today: 225 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 140 lb - I am so upset. I keep promising myself to go on a diet and I always end up breaking it or never go on it. I am starting tomorrow and this time I plan on keeping on it. The thing with me is will power. It's hard because my parents buy sweets but that isn't my big problem. My problem is fast food. I am addicted. It's just hard because I trap myself inside the house because I feel like everywhere I go everyone is making fun of me. Especially when I eat out. I just don't know anymore. It's getting to the point where I don't wanna leave the house. Ugh.
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 07/28/13  - IP#:
Thanks! I have to schedule what I am going to eat all week. The hardest thing for me is dinner. Because you come home and want something fast and easy. I know you can't do that. It really doesn't help either because my parents keep buying junk food. I usually don't eat junk food. I would rather have anything other than chips, ect....but ever since I've been trying to stop eating out I go to the junk food. It doesn't really help either when it's right in the house.
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I understand what you're talking about and have dealt with that exact problem. What worked for me is sitting down either by myself or with my mom to plan out what we are going to eat each night for dinner. As for breakfast and lunch that relies on you. Planning the meal out may help you to stick to your "diet". Also I found that for me, instead of dieting I made a life style change. And as for when you go out to eat at fast food places, grab one of the more healthy things on the menu. For example beef has more fat than chicken or turkey so get a turkey/chicken burger and then for a drink have some iced water or tea. Or you can even see if they have a salad or ask what they recommend for someone who is watching what it is that they're eating. With all this said I still want to congratulate you on the weight that you have lost!! I don't know about you but I see that as a major accomplishment!!! And don't try to "diet" all at once... Do a day or two of eating "right" an take a day or two of not being so structured but in the same breath don't overdo it! Hope I was of some help to you!!👍