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Ht. 5'1.3", Start: 163 lb, Today: 165 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 112 lb - i'm so hopeless i don't knoe what to do anymore i really want to loose weight this summer so i can start off fresh this school year but whatever i do doesn't work and i think it's me i can't help but lately my want for loosing weight has been urging me to do something and my family especially my mom keeps telling me to loose weight it's getting overbearing and can't deal with it any more i want to be able to do things without any thing holding me back i want to wear clothes that i feel and look good in i want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud at what i see I WANT TO BE HEALTHY will somebody help me take my dreams and make them into reality.
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thank you so much i will try my best.
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I know what ur going through Abinwi I once weighed 181 lbs bout three years ago now, but I manged to get myself out of 180's I lost that, I started my excrise very slow and study I used to hate clothes I used to be XXL=2XL Juniour's that size was hard to find I was in Juniour's plus size clothing was Juniour's 1X now, small minin goals 164 or 163 lbs you need to focus on small goals minin meals not big portions drink lots of water I was once 13 myself being an overweight teen hasn't been easy for me you can do this! I w'd aim 13/14/ or 11/12 in pant/shorts tops aim size XL or L! you will get to ur goal in no time I w'd go to dELiA's website for measurments print out the size chart for a starting point 165-169 is size 15/16 that's a good starting point then as u lose the weight the inches waist bust hips srink you want to do a different color of the dots name on the top! date!
take it easy Abinwi!
you got a over 54 lbs to lose but u can lose 10 lbs by the end of this month that w'd put you 155 lbs!
or five lbs 160..
just start slow!