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Ht. 5'4", Start: 150 lb, Today: 139.2 lb (BMI %tile: 86), Goal: 125 lb - Hey guys,
soo i weighed myself today- probally not the greatest idea only because im suppost to get my period soon (yesterday actually) and it said i was 139.2 ;( i almost broke down in tears...i worked so hard in 2011/2012-and in 2012/2013-im failing horribly...ugh. so im cutting out all bad food in general- and my snacks are either going to be airpopped popcorn or fruits/veggies/water/tea. i will have 3 meals a day!im doing a cardio workout every other day (except weekends-i do cardio on weekends)and on the off days im doing yoga :3 i had an awesome workout today and yesterday-yesterday i sprinted/walked a lap on the track and did my cardio video OUTSIDE IN FREEZING COLD WEATHER(im talking 38-42 degreese here) i did my cardio video today,lifted my weights,did some yoga streaches-scissor kicks-squats-after all it was a pretty awesome day :) its gonna hurt tomorrow but i dont care-totally worth my dream body :3 OHHH i have a tumblr account now-- you can attempt to find me-- fightingindarkness --- my thing is all about thinspiration (inspiration to be thin) and me and my weight loss journey--feel free to check it out :)
ill check in soon :)
wish me luck<3
whatever tomorrow brings, i`ll be there<3
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thankyou :) i will try<3
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great attitude! keep it up!