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Ht. 5'4", Start: 150 lb, Today: 135 lb (BMI %tile: 82), Goal: 125 lb - Hey guys :)
So (im not exactly sure what my my weight is so im guessing 135) today i found out that my chorus is going to hershey park for a feild trip in may around the 20th- and thats two months on the dot to get bikini ready. When i was in my mourning stage i had a lot of chocolate and other munchies and im ver dissappointed because of that. BUT im doing something about it. today i had no idea i was starting my weightloss journey again but alas ive started it :) Breakfeast i have 2 granola bars and an apple juice- lunch i had chicken fries,some pickle slices, a pear cup, and a juice box-about 4:30- i had a thick slice of irish soda bread and a pepperoni and cheese sandwitch.dinner i had 1 cheeseburger on a bun with some ketchup- 25 oz. of water and some oven baked fries--i know its kinda crappy-but i started it about 6:30-i realized eating snacks and unhealthy sides arent going to give me a bikini body- SO- i went on youtube and found this awesome workout video (im so sore) and did it-wheni was done i drank another 25 oz of water and took a shower. (i also had a cup of peach tea)- THERE-there are my last bad foods- im going to do my best(i mean it) to lose this fat. i want to feel beautiful and i will.mark my words :) ill post tomorrow!
wish me luck!
whatever tomorrow brings ill be there<3
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by any chance do you go to hyattsville middle school.
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