From Jessica, Age 17 - 02/21/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 171 lb (BMI %tile: 95), Goal: 120 lb - Hey girls I want u to know its through Chrsit in my life I got over depression!! he's the only one who can heal dperessio! I suffered it for a while before please don't try to hurt yourselves, low self estim is common on pre-teens and teens in schools me have lost over 10 lbs to the point I can wear a size M adult Tshrits makes me feel good!! please don't give up! my belt is a Juniours M/L/! I got it at Calrie's for $10.00 back in the fall sometime!! ok, losing the weight is not easy I can tell u being 181 lbs two years ago back in Sept 2010 I cried like crazy all the time I didn't like myself anymore after a while.. I don't drink much soda like I used to I have cut down on my eating and sitting!! I don't want to go back to Juniours Plus ever again never ever again, my next minin goal size is a S adult in Thsrits my tops are M or L! depneding on the brand how its made my jeans now are either size 13 or 11/12/!! I don't weigh 171 lbs anymore!!! nope! I'm under that!! phew that took time to get off!! I was at my heavest 179-181 lbs I wore a size 14 misses Juniours 15/17 or 15/16/ that was horrible I wore top size XXL or 1X Junours I had enough of it.. I am no longer having trouble going up and down the stairs anymore I can't believe it!! even running on the hill I'm not out of breth!! , cut ur big protns to small healthy portons!! make excrise more instering and fun!!! my North Face Jacket fits me better then a year ago!! I know I ll half a shoe size envetlly I did it before I can do it again!! ... no messages like I can't lose the weight I can't get out of 170's or early 180's yes u can girl I have done it if I can do it anyone can!! its called hard work!! I hope sometime just before my 18th brithday I ll have my sucess story on here!! .
and post on here as well!!
I want to inspire u guys to not give up! I almost lost 5 Thsirt sizes!! I think I"m a size 9/10/ Juniours in deress and tank tops Faded Glory M! dELiA's size L in tops jeans 11/12/ my goal since I'm five foot two in a half I ll aim 104-106 lbs ...
I'm not really 5"3 I ll change to 5"2.3
don't give up guys!!
small minin for new posters on here!!
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Oh Jessica, you sound like your dont have a ful tummy, you have a full personality! You sound so crazy and fun to be around. You seem like some one who is very inspirational. I really hope you can loose the weight! My prayers go out to you!