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Ht. 5'5", Start: 189 lb, Today: 189 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 131 lb - Hey , Im New Here But I Really Need Help To Lose 58 Pounds Before May 14 , Because My 14Th Birthday Party Is On My 25 And Im Doing Alot If Things like Having A Graduation Party And Going To The Beach And I Want To Wear A Biniki And I Want To Lose 5-10 Pounds A Week I Really Wanna Lose About 24 Pounds This Month Or Start Off In March With 24 Pounds lost . So Of You Could Give Me Ideas On What To Do To Lose 58 Pounds Before May Please I Would Really Really Be Happy To Know Someone Helped Me . Because I Want To Lose Weight And Lose Weight . And Also I Want To Feel And Look Good For My Party And Going To The Beach And Mall And Movie And Things So if Some One Can Help Me .Thank You
Reply from Keri, Age 14 - 02/22/13  - IP#:
I totally understand how you feel! I'm 14 and about the same weight as you and am really hoping to be in a bikini by summertime! Just stick with it and never give up!!
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Hey welcome Britney on the borad! I"m glad u want to lose 58 lbs but losing 5-10 lbs a week w'd be very unhealthy try 10 lbs a mounth instead take it slow like 1)2 lbs or 2 lbs a week.. small mini goals I w'd try 188 or 187 lbs as minin goals try study excrise small helathy portions and eat healthy make excrise fun and instering drink lots of water don't do the same mistakes as I did or other teens from renct years or the past ... what size jeans do u wear?
if ur a size 17)18) Juniours now I w'd aim for now 15)16 or 13)14) u have to work very hard to reach ur goal I w'd say 159 lbs by May !! if u lose 10 lbs by the middle of March .. Just do it slow.. I am trying to do small minin goals I once weighed 179 lbs at my heavest I was 180 lbs..
It scared me I was 14 at that time and 15..
.. sitting less helps to, make helathy snacks to bring to school make lunch, cause the calories can go up to 1120 at times or more..
U should do calorie counting start using a food jonural..
My friend Justine w'd tell u wanting to lose 5-10 lbs a week is un healthy she lost 20 lbs by eating healthy and excrising making it fun and even everyone who is trying to lose weight w'd tell u thats unhealthy.
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And This Is Febuary 11 2013 And I Want To Lose 58 Pounds Beford May 14 2013 ,ツ Please Help