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Ht. 5'4", Start: 150 lb, Today: 129 lb (BMI %tile: 76), Goal: 125 lb - Hey guys :)
SO ive recently realized that im getting 'comfy'.MEANING= since im in a realationship im comfy with my body becaus my boyfriend loves me all the same.BUT-since i know that he`ll love me no matter what,my sub-concience is telling me 'oh you can relax you already have him' so yeah...Ive gained 2-3 poundssince istarted dating michael soooo im going to lose 4-6 :) (meaning im going to be around 125) ive ben really close to 125 at 127,but im not skinny enough :/ i`m probally going to go untill i hit 120/115-ish :D ill do that by drinking 1/2 my body weight in water a day (around 65 oz,but i have a 25 oz watter bottle so ill make that 75 oz a day) having AT LEAST 1 serving of fruit/veggiesa day-ive discovered this machine called 'yonanas'. You put frozen fruit into it and it comes out the texture of icecream :Dits soo good and its made with nothing but fruit :D i loooove it-got it for christmas!try it out! ALSO i should consume AROUND 1200 calories a day (not that im a calorie counter but i still keep them in mind) so my breakfeast should be about 600 calories with LOTS of fiber and a good bundle of healthy carbs,lunch about 500 calories with a soure of protien,dinner about 400 calories (its suppost to be your lightest meal of the day) so a resonable sized portion with a veggie-desert is out of the question-unless its fruit or veggies-snacks probally crackers (no salt) with some cheese or air-poped pop corn :D ANYWAY- for exercise sinceit snowed a bunch ive gotta stick to the indoor crap-id prefer exercising my thumbs playing MW3 or Halo but it dosent work like that :/ SO for exercise ill stick to yoga,jumprope(i might be getting an elliptical from my grandma-YAAY!) cleaning,and dancing/Special k video:D i hope i can get my weight under control by may ---june im having a pool party O.O--- i should be able to get down to 115 ish in 5 months :D
well wish me luck!!<3
Whatever tomorrow brings,I`ll be there...<3
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Great Job Sabrina keep us updated your a huge inspiration(: