From Nikki, Age 20 - 06/12/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 241 lb, Today: 225 lb (BMI: 41), Goal: 150 lb - Hey, haven't been on in a little bit. Last week I gained 2lbs (I was down to 223) but I'm not stressing it too much, it was a bad week. Hope all is well with everyone else. Anyway my real purpose for posting this was to talk to the "old folks" on this board. By old I mean 18+. Listen, we have our own board so I feel like if we are going to come to the teen board and promote unhealthy, unrealistic goals then we need to just go back to our own board. Example, if I say I only eat 800calories a day and exercise 2hrs a day (which is NOT true, just an example) and lost a nice amount of weight, the teens are more than likely going to try that. I hate to sound like anyones mother (I am a mother actually, to 2 children, I definitely do NOT promote having children at a young age, their father and I ARE still together) but do you not realize what you are doing? This is definitely not to anyone in particular because even searching back I have seen some unhealthy posts. I'm very dissapointed because I thought by us being grown adults we would all know better. How would you feel if your little sister/brother started eating a very low number of calories, not getting their proper nutrients? & exercising to the extreme? I hate to say it but anyone who is doing this WILL, I repeat WILL gain the weight BACK! AND THEN SOME! You will be even more unhappy and continue on with "the vicious cycle". If the adults use the teen board I feel like we should be ROLE MODELS. It's crazy that I've been seeing some 13 year olds make much heathier decisions than we do. It's pathetic actually. We probably know of many more resources than the young teens do, and we all know that starving yourself or exercising to the extreme is a big NO-NO. We are not on the Biggest Loser Ranch, lol. Hey even they eat more cals than some of us. I truly hope this doesn't offend anyone and if any of the younger teens need advice feel free to ask me. Don't give in to the unhealthy lifestyle. I lost 90 pounds before a couple of years ago, unfortunately gained it back with my most recent pregnancy so I KIND OF have an idea of what to do. It's only a matter of being consisent with it. Keep up the good work for all of you who are choosing the healthy lifestyle. For those of you who are not, try to adjust to a lifestyle change. You cannot live off of like 200calories a day for the REST of your life! Ok that is all, just had to get that off my chest. By the way, check out "Fruit Chillers", made with real fruit, great choice for vitamin C, you freeze them and eat them like popcicles, I've only tried the strawberry ones and they are DELICIOUS! I have my whole family hooked on them now. My daughter loves them. =)
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I 100% agree with you Nikki. Thanks for posting this - it actually made me think about what kind of posts I've been putting on here (I had to go back and check to see if they all were ok - I'm pretty sure they are, so hopefully I wasn't one of those 'old folks' you saw posting inappropriate comments lol).
Having been one of those teenagers who did the whole, unhealthy dieting/exercise, I can absolutely see how terrible those kinds of habits now!! They screw with your body and your mind and I would never recommend that anyone on this board try any of those 'fad' diets. It's true: the only weigh to lose weight right is by healthy eating habits and exercise.
And hey, if you ever see me posting something that looks like it could be unhealthy for any of the board members, call me on it =D.
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i completly agree with you...eating 800 calories a day is very unrealistic and is border line a eating disorder esp if someones working thing i just want to add is working out for 2 hours...which i do daily isnt overexcersizin...well in my opinon i play volleyball and our practices alone are 3 2 hours a day of either weights...walking...running ect is actualy in the healthy range of excersize...but only if you still eat more calories than u burn...